Who’s got the button?

The buttons I ordered for the (so far) nameless cowl finally arrived the other day. I got the darker shells, and they do look quite pretty on the cowl without taking too much away from the look of the knitting. Hooray! Thanks to everyone who commented in my Facebook group and on Instagram. You all helped me to decide. Kudos!


I have a button drawer in one of my DMC cabinets (it’s starting to get a little full-ish—what’s a girl to do?). I was rooting around in there the other day, looking for a bag or box or tube that wasn’t already full where I could stow my new buttons. I discovered a small marvel. It turns out that in the buttons I like, I am fairly consistent. Back in February I bought some WWII-era glass buttons. They’re lovely little things. I got several styles, each completely different from the next. One of them, however, is remarkably like the bright and dark silver buttons that I’ve been playing with for this cowl. Here they are all in a row. The bright and dark silver-colored metal buttons on the left and in the middle, then the slightly smaller glass button on the right. They’re not exactly the same, but they are amazingly similar. I love it when stuff like this happens. I’m going along thinking what I’m choosing is so unique, that I’ve never chosen something like that before, then suddenly Poof! there goes that idea. Ha ha.


More buttons that what I strictly needed for the cowl might have accidentally dropped into my shopping cart. Oops. In my defense, there’s a minimum charge for shipping, and I couldn’t just get one or two buttons for that price. I had to make the cost of shipping worthwhile. Okay, so the cost of shipping ended up going up because of all the buttons I bought, but came far short of doubling, so I did fine. Right?

I got some classic Celtic buttons. I had to. There was no choice in the matter. Ditto with the Celtic horse buttons. I’d never seen those before, and I didn’t want life to get in the way of me never getting my hands on them, so I bought them while I had the opportunity. Then there are those trees. I love the patina on them. No idea what I’ll ever use them for, or when that may or may not get done, but I absolutely love them. Last but not least are the floral buttons. They’re made from coconut shells. Honestly, I could not live without those flowered buttons. I think the earth may have opened me up and swallowed me whole, if I hadn’t purchased them. So I did.

In the end, this is what Miss Rickie thought of the whole thing:


Such was the power of the beauty inside her that Winter turned to Spring in her path, and flowers grew in her footsteps
—Edward Monkton—