Tank view

I’m still plugging away at my most recent secret project, so there isn’t much knitting-related stuff that I can share with you at the moment. I can share this, though: why on earth does it seem faster to knit a single, complicated 350-stitch row, than it does to knit 35 simple ten-stitch rows? Why? I ask you. Although, perhaps it’s different for you, and I’m the odd one out. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time.

Let’s see… I knit a sock! Earlier this year I knit the first sock in ages. Not only did I knit a sock , but it’s someone else’s pattern! It’s Glynis by Cookie A. Knitting something someone else designed is a huge treat. Here’s the first sock.

Glynis by Cookie A.

Sock one: Glynis by Cookie A. with STR

The sock is knit with Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock in Raven-Rooky. I worked on the first sock when I was traveling earlier this year. I’m hoping to work on the second one when I’m traveling again in early summer. I was really hoping that the trip would be in May (so I could cast on for the sock sooner), but it doesn’t look like it’s going to work out that way. Drat.

Dave and I went to a local tulip festival on Easter Sunday. The flowers were incredible. I took more than 100 pictures, and I think Dave took about the same number. Here are a few of my better ones. (You’re right. There is a picture of lilacs there, too. The lilac trees are just starting to come into bloom. Hooray!)

Last, but not least, I’d like to make the official blog announcement of my latest pattern, Crocosmia. Crocosmia is a sweet little tank top with cabled sides and shoulders, and waist shaping. It’s knit in the round to the armholes, then back and forth to the shoulders. Best of all it’s on sale through midnight GMT April 24, 2014—which just happens to be my mother’s birthday! Enter the coupon code SUMMERISCOMING at checkout on Ravelry to save 15%.



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