Summer Triangle


As I often do when trying to name patterns, I looked to the stars. This time I found a quartet of unusual star groupings. These stars are each in their own constellations, and also participate in asterisms, groupings of stars that are not physically related to each other. There are four seasonal asterisms: The Great Square of Pegasus in autumn, The Winter Hexagon, The Great Diamond in spring, and The Summer Triangle. The three stars in The Summer Triangle are Altair, Deneb, and Vega. These stars are in the Aquila, Cygnus, and Lyra constellations respectively. Like these asterisms, the three designs in my Summer Triangle are not actually related to each other, except that they are all found here, in this grouping: Quenington, Lombard,and Spanish Dancer.

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Other than being in this collection, the three patterns featured here all employ a fair amount of garter stitch, well, except for Quenington, and are all relatively easy to knit. Quenington is a rectangle that is knit from one end straight on to the other, but has lovely zigzags to keep you from yawning. Lombard is a rectangle that starts out a trifle fussy, because it begins life sort of like a toe-up sock, but once you're a few rounds in it's considerably easier to work, and the effort is so worthwhile. Spanish Dancer is a, well, I don't really know what shape to call it, but it starts off with just a few stitches, and ends up that way, too. In the meantime, there are a lovely little leaf design and a frilly edge that are dreamy to knit.

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