It’s spring! The birds are singing, flowers blooming, trees greening up, grass is growing. Wow. Is the grass ever growing.


The one tiny patch of lawn daisies is blooming like mad.

Lawn daisies

And with very little help from me, most of my paper whites are blooming, and sharing their glorious fragrance.

Paper whites

In fact, I completely forgot to plant these precious bulbs when I was supposed to, and only popped them into a pot on the deck a month or two ago. I really didn’t expect them to do much of anything. Only about half of them are blooming, but what a show.

On the knitting front, I’ve been constantly busy, but at times it doesn’t feel like I’ve done a thing. Take yesterday for example. Worked at my desk all day long, most of the time spent cranking away on a spreadsheet—a sheet that started out quite complicated and confusing, and was widdled down to something simpler, much easier to understand, and that actually provided me with the correct numbers. What a concept. In the evening I knit about three rows. Both are secret projects, so I have no photos. Naturally.

Also this week, I blocked this little sweater that I knit with Sage Sonoma from Mira at Baah Yarn. Mira gave this yarn to me when I saw her at Stitches West in February, and it’s already a sweater. With luck, I’ll get the pattern to my tech editor this week. Keep your fingers crossed.

Lace-topped shell

I have another top pattern knit up with Sonoma from Baah Yarn. That pattern is with my TE, and waiting to float to the top of her queue. The other one is a little something I knit up last fall. Instead of lace, it has cables—cables on the sides, and on the shoulders, but is otherwise worked in stockinette stitch.

Orange tank 3/4 view

With luck both patterns will be available soon. There’s also a lacy little cowl that I designed in January or something, and completely forgot about. I had it tech edited, took final pictures, did everything except edit the photos, name the pattern, do the final layout, and actually publish it. When listed out that way it sounds like there’s a ton left to do, but in actuality it’s probably about a day’s worth of work is all.

On top of all of this stuff going on, we’ve been unpacking. Did we move, you ask? Yes. We did. We moved one thousand miles north from California to Washington about 19 months ago, but most of our stuff was still in storage until the very end of February. It’s a long, boring story. Don’t ask. Having our stuff back is a bit like Christmas. Each box that gets opened contains old friends, some that we haven’t seen since before we staged our house for selling nearly two years ago. The house we’re in now doesn’t have anywhere near the storage capacity of the previous one, and so we’re struggling to get things unpacked and into new homes. Right now my dining room table (it’s here—yea!) is buried in stemware. The library is full, and some of the dishes have new homes. It’s so nice to see my depression glass again, and my collection of fish dishes, and the books, and…




And then there are my grandmother’s dishes, and Dave’s grandmother’s bowls, and… I could go on, but I’m sure you’re already bored to death, so I will end this now with hopes, again, of blogging more regularly. Keep your fingers crossed on that one, but at the same time, don’t hold your breath.

Oh gift from God, oh perfect day
Wherein no man shall work, but play
Wherein it is enough for me
Not to be doing, but to be.