If you know me at all, you’ll already know that I love lace, and I have a passion for crescent-shaped shawls. When I thought about my submission to Louet North America for their Spring 2014 Collection, I drew on an idea that had been floating around in my brain for some time. I designed a rectangular shawl years ago, In the Woods, that has this particularly lovely old fern lace stitch in it that I thought would make a beautiful crescent. Evidently, Louet thought so, too.

When I web-res-16244-640was told that they wanted it big, I was delighted to give them BIG. The inside edge of this crescent is a full 6½ feet, and the outside edge is 8¼ feet. The length gives this shawl a lot of wearing options. It can be draped gracefully over your arms, wrapped around your neck, the garter stitch portion can be folded over for extra warmth… the list goes on.

When putting the collection together, Louet decided not to include written stitch instructions… at least not for my design. If you haven’t knit lace from charts before, this is a good place to start. The chart for this is relatively simple to knit: there are only four different stitches in it, and it’s knit from the bottom of the chart straight up to the top, one row at a time, repeating the section that is outlined over and over until you get all the way across each row. Another thing that adds to the simple beauty of this lace is the wrong-side rows: they’re all the same, and go like this: knit two stitches, purl to two before the other end, then knit two more stitches. See? Easy! To shape the lace into a crescent, I use the same method of short rows often found in a top-down sock with a heel flap. If you’ve ever knit that style sock, the shaping will be second nature to you. If not, never fear, it’s easy to learn, and since in this section of the shawl every row is knit, it is simple to do. Honest!

I first saw all the designs when the Louet’s Spring 2014 Collection look book was released. Each design is showed to perfection with Caro Sheridan‘s beautiful photography. All patterns will be available in print at your LYS. If they don’t have the patterns at your LYS yet, have them contact Louet North America to get them. Patterns are all also available online on Ravelry. My pattern, Sheyenne, is also available on Craftsy and Patternfish.

Then in a wailful choir the small gnats mourn
 Among the river sallows, borne aloft
  Or sinking as the light wind lives or dies.