Ribbon, sequins, and glasses

Unless we slip (cough), Tuesdays are errand days. Because Dave and I both work from home, often Tuesday is the only day of the week that we get out of the house, actually get farther than the mailbox or garage. Because we usually only leave one day a week, there can be quite a few errands to do, and so we end up being gone most of the day. This week was worse than normal, as I’d been gone for a week, then we were lazy and only went grocery shopping after I got home again—uh, several days, or so, after I returned home. Not only had we eaten ourselves out of house and home, but we had quite the list of places to go, things to do, people to see.

One of the places on our list was the optometrist’s office. I’d received a call that my glasses were in. The first pair, anyway. Back in February I went in for an exam, got prescriptions for two sets of eye wear: an updated pair of computer glasses, and a pair of distance glasses. The plan was this: I’d get the computer glasses, new frames and all, then when they came in I’d turn over the old computer glasses, have new lenses put in for distance. The new glasses came in finally (slow lab), they fit, looked great, I could see through them just fine at the store. I left the old computer glasses with them to be made into distance glasses. All was well with the world. Until I got home, and tried them out on my computer. Everything was crystal clear, even fine type suddenly jumped off the screen at me, but… all vertical lines leaned right, and all horizontal lines acted as if they would meet at a point somewhere about 50 feet to my right. Um. No. These glasses are wonky, untenable. I returned them to the shop on Wednesday. They verified that the lenses were exactly as ordered. Sigh. They made an appointment for me to be re-checked on Thursday. Went in on Thursday, got my eyes checked again. The prescription is totally different than it was back in February. This explains why the glasses are so badly off. They’ll get the glasses fixed. In the meantime, it doesn’t help at the computer. This is a big problem. I must be able to use my computer to write patterns, and everything else.

I’d been thinking about it, and knew what to do. After leaving I headed over to Michael’s to pick up a pair of cheaters. I knew they’d be far from perfect, but at least I shouldn’t have to climb up on my desk to read the screen. Anyway, I went in the store, and remembered I had one of those lovely 20% off coupons in my possession that included everything in the store, even sale items. I found glasses that will work as a stop-gap. While there, couple other things might have jumped into my cart. Oops.

There’s always been a soft spot in my heart for fabric- and paper-covered boxes, especially pretty ones with pictures of flowers, birds, animals, and far-away places. My collection of them seems to have grown a bit this week. Oops. Oh, and what about those letters? Well, I do spend a fair amount of time knitting, and thought it would be fun to have big letters on the wall somewhere, or on leaning on a shelf, if I can find the room. I’ll probably end up painting these another color. Probably. We’ll see. It depends on where they end up.

Anyway, thankfully not everything I do is in front of a computer screen. I also get to knit, take pictures, play with yarn, garden. While we were out on Tuesday, we went by our local fabric store, and I picked up a couple spools of ribbon to thread through the eyelets in the little turquoise sweater I knit up last month. One ribbon is a pretty reddish orange that’s ¼-inch (6 mm) wide, and the other is a lovely brown that’s 3/8-inch (9 mm) wide. Both ribbons feed through the eyelets without any trouble, and both appear to fill the holes, leaving no unsightly gaps. Cool.

While we were there, Dave went down another aisle, saw the fancy ribbons and frills. So we got some. A simple string of silver sequins, a fancy string of blue sequins, and a fun little silver-colored chain with square links and tiny rhinestones. Though the ribbons feed through easily, the rhinestone chain does not. It catches on every little thing. Wish I’d thought of that, but I have to admit to being distracted by the bling, and didn’t think it through. Drat.


I’ll play with these shiny bits more in the coming week. The plan is to string them all through those eyelets, take a bunch of pictures. I’ll also take pictures without the do-das, so the sweater can be seen without embellishment.

With enough butter, anything is good.
Julia Child