Ravelry and the gift along

Eight p.m. this evening Eastern Standard Time marks the official beginning of the second annual Gift Along on Ravelry. Join the 293 independent knit and crochet designers, including yours truly, from now through the end of the year: knit projects, win prizes, chat with other participants. Did I say, “Win Prizes”? I certainly did. There are a lot of them, but you can only win if you participate. I know. So unfair. But there you go. Join in, and you’ll not only get some holiday knitting done, but you may just win some cool stuff.


The cold storm that has hit the Midwest with all that snow is finally making its snowy mark here in the Pacific Northwest. Yes, just a little while ago the snow that we expected to begin during this morning’s wee hours finally made it. Outside it’s blustery, and looks much colder than the 37° Fahrenheit. Inside, the heat is cranking, and I’ve made myself a cup of Wild Berry Zinger tea. I even have a pair of delicate honey rooibos tea cookies—a rare treat. So now I’m ready to take a little trip with you on Ravelry, and highlight only a few of my favorite lace designs presented by participating designers.

Tulip Tree by Simone Kereit. I love how the candles morph into pine cones, then in turn become a lovely edge design.
tulip tree

Soft as Butter by Sarah Jane Designs. This lovely lace shawl was crocheted!

Flowers of Traken by Lotta Groeger. Lovely, lovely lace edged crescent.

White Snows of Winter by Kate Poe. Stunning.

Bird Cherry by Natalia Sha. Natalia gets borders. Delicate lace. Beads. Crochet bind off. Gorgeous.

The Mimosa Shawl by Andrea Jurgrau. This lacy square is knit from the center out. Beautiful!

Amillë by Emily Ross. Breathtaking.

Clair de Lune by Carol Sunday. Beautiful lace isn’t reserved for shawls. This sweater drips with it.

Mist by Ágnes Kutas-Keresztes. I love the tiers of lace separated with a more solid texture.

Longfellow by Corrina Ferguson. When stitches and yarn are in harmony, all is right with the world.

Keep an eye on my blog, and on me other places around the ‘Net from now through the end of the year. I’m going to be doing a couple of blog interviews here, and I’ll spotlight other designers on my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest accounts.

(Here’s a time zone converter, if you don’t know what 8 p.m. EST means in relation to you.)