Poor kitty

I’m wanting to blog. I’m really wanting to blog about my knitting. But… I have been knitting. I’ve been swatching for this and that. I’ve submitted a couple of designs to different publishers. I got yarn! The yarn is for a secret project related to one of those submissions. Because it’s a secret, I can’t talk about it. I can’t show you any pictures. I’d show pictures of progress on the sea-themed shawl, but it’s on hold while I work on the secret project. Hopefully there will be time to continue the sea-themed shawl between secret projects. I’m waiting for yarn for a second secret thing, you see, so talking about what I’m working on will be a little dull for a while. I guess I’ll talk about some other stuff for now.

Knitting Maine

Author (Finish-Free Knits), designer, tech editor Kristen TenDyke is looking for additional funding for a new booklet project, Knitting Maine. She’s already met her original goal of $5,000. If she gets a total of $5,909, then she’ll be able to print twice as many booklets: 1,500 instead of 750 (ah, the economy of numbers). I donated a small amount to her cause. She has another 24 hours before her campaign closes. If you can donate even a little bit, you’ll get her that much closer to her goal. You go, Kristen!

Yard sale!

Dave and I have found that yard sale-ing here in our new community is vastly different than it was in southern California. Down there, if you didn’t get going at (or before) the crack of dawn, the other millions of people interested in the stuff you might be interested bought it already. There aren’t that many people here, yea!, so the overall odds of getting good stuff, even if you get a late start, are significantly better. We went out on Friday (a lot of them start on Fridays here), not expecting to find anything, so were pleasantly surprised to come home with a beautiful holiday table runner, a gorgeous old nine-drawer card catalog, a small refrigerator for the garage, and then this: a small jewelry roll. As wonderful as the other two things are, and they are wonderful, the jewelry roll is the gem.

Card catalog

A 9-drawer antique card catalog.

Hand made jewelry roll.

Hand made jewelry roll.





I saw the jewelry roll sitting there on the table, folded, its ties wrapped around it carelessly, and ignored it. There was another one with brighter colors. It was nice, but nothing to write home about. The one I already have is the same size, and much nicer. That one had metal zippers in it, which turned me off. The newer nylon zippers work better for me. I almost bought it anyway, as it would occasionally be nice to have two, when I looked around some more. Then I really saw it. I picked it up, took a close look, and realized that it was embroidered. By hand. The inside is nicely made, has the usual complement of zippered compartments, a spot for rings, and a large compartment at the back. The outside, though… That’s what made my heart sing. It’s just lovely! The peacock, the flowers, all embroidered with loving care. Some of the floss used has solid colors, some gently variegated. I had to have it. It’s a treasure. The price tag of $.50 didn’t hurt my feelings any, either.

Color acuity

When I first came across this color test earlier this year, I knew I didn’t have the colors in the right order, I knew it. For the life of me, I couldn’t arrange them correctly. It just.didn’t.work. I don’t remember what my score was, but it was bad. The same color test came around again last week, so I tried it again. This time: spot on. I got a perfect score. Strange. It’s a bit of a head-scratcher. Why would I score so poorly one time, then get a perfect score the next. I was using the same computer with the same monitor, so that wasn’t it. Did the room’s ambient light make that big of a difference? Was it me? If it was me, was it something to do with my eyes, or was it my mood?

Sour puss

Sitting in her favorite window, enjoying heat rising from the floor vent just below, and alternately basked in sunlight or gazing out at the rain, you’d think Miss Rickie was having a wretched day. Poor kitty.

Poor kitty

Poor kitty