Out with the old

I’ve been trying to blog more lately. You can see how far that’s gotten me. Perhaps turning over a new leaf with the start of the new year will help.

As most people do, I grew up with the idea of selecting one or more things to do, try, concentrate on, in other words, to resolve, with the turning of each new year. I chose things. I was full of good intentions. And I always failed. Always. Usually within the first month of the new year. Then one year I tried an idea that was new to me. I resolved to never again make a New Year’s resolution. That was probably about thirty years ago. Hm. Maybe longer ago than that. Since then, whenever someone has asked about my New Year’s Resolution, I told them I’d resolved to not do them. We’d laugh. This year… I don’t know. It seems that something different is happening this year. I am feeling the need to do some new things in the coming year, and they’re feeling a lot like Resolutions. Things like getting my taxes done on time, getting my front left bumper fixed, but more importantly things like exercising (I’d say exercising more, but zero times anything is still zero, if you know what I mean), losing some weight (see above note on exercising), blogging, getting a better handle on the amount of time I spend online (it needs to reduce), communicating with my followers (it needs to increase), spending more time playing and less time working, getting more me time, taking baths in that lovely claw-foot tub in the room across the hall from where I am sitting typing this up, taking more day trips, and a whole raft of other things.

When looking at the above list, realizing that there are more things I could add to it, it looks like I’ve saved up thirty years or so worth of resolutions, and jumbled them all into one year. What most of it means, however, is that I am looking to simplify my life, to work smarter instead of harder, to take more time out to smell the proverbial roses, and to play more.

Regarding my online presence, I’m going to try some things. My Ravelry group is dead, and I am going to try wholeheartedly to no longer let it bother me. Facebook changed the way posts to groups work, and so I’m going to stop beating that dead horse, and stop worrying about it. Pinterest has begun to both overwhelm and frustrate me, and so I’ll stop spending much time there, and stop worrying about it. When I get around to it, I actually enjoy blogging, so I aim to do more of it. I also enjoy Instagram, and get a kick out of Twitter, when I get around to going out there. I am also going to try to get more regular newsletters out. I want people to want to read them, so the entire nature of my newsletters is going to change. I’ve been taking this online class, and I mean to implement many of the suggestions provided there. I have hopes that all this will result in a less stressed out me, and that putting myself out there will become more of a joy than the total chore that it has become.

With all of this, I’d love to hear from you! There are a few knitters who respond when I send out a newsletter, or release a new pattern, and we chat a bit about stuff that I’m doing, things they’re doing… I really enjoy talking with these knitters—you all know who you are, and I thank you every time I see a note from you arrive in my inbox. For those of you who haven’t responded yet, I’d love to add you to that mix. So, follow me here on my blog, on Twitter, on Instagram, or sign up for my newsletter—in any combination that works for you. If you knit one of my designs and post it online in one of the venues that I subscribe to, please include the #fiberdreams hashtag, and I’ll see it, and respond in some way. If you have a question, please ask it! If you want to share a WIP or FO, I would love to see it.

For your ease, here are some linkies (basically, I’m FiberDreams everywhere):

I leave you today with hopes that your Christmas was merry, and that your New Year brings all that you envision of it. And because I’ve always collected little quotes, and love sharing them, I’m going to leave you with this one:

Don’t spend time beating on a wall hoping to make it a door.
—Coco Chanel—