Name the red crescent

We’re going to start the new year with a naming contest. I love naming contests. Knitters come up with the most fabulous stuff that I never would have thought of. Here’s how it goes: leave a comment to this post with your idea(s) of what the shawl should be called. I’ll sort through them, decide which one I like best. What’s in it for you? Scroll down to find out.

Unnamed crescent 1

The stitches…
From lower edge going up: pennants, bees, cable rope, garter stitch.

unnamed crescent 4

Think of…
Lazy times in days gone by picnicking at the shore, everyone is dressed in white except that one woman who wears a floral print dress in pastels, cabled V-neck pullovers with a navy blue line to set off the neck, big picnic baskets, sun hats, fine china and crystal, boats with pennants flying, reading, a glass of wine, napping under a tree, children watching bumble bees in the grass.

unnamed crescent 2

If I choose your suggestion, you’ll get a PDF of the pattern. I’ll put the PDF in your Ravelry library, if you have an account there, or I’ll email it to you, if you don’t.

unnamed crescent 3

Get your suggestion to me before I get up in the morning of January 6, 2014 to be eligible. I’ll close the comments at that time.

They stood begging to be the first to make the voyage over and they reached out their hands in longing for the further shore.