Name the purple confection

I’ve done it again. purple-confection-2013-09-06i-blank I’ve come up with a design that hasn’t told me it’s name. At all. Not even a little hint. I don’t have a clue why some designs sing their names to me the entire time I’m knitting them, some I have ideas for and can dig up, while others just sit there thumbing their yarn-y noses at me. This purple crescent with cables here and there to offset the lace is definitely one of the latter. It’s the wool that I got from Jenn at Suzoo’s Wool Works in Costa Mesa, California, when we were both at TNNA in Long Beach earlier this year. This is her Sheepwalk brand yarn dyed in the fabulous Charlemagne colorway. The yarn is oh-so soft, a royal shade of purple, and tons of fun to knit.

The shawl is a crescent, worked from the lace edge straight through the short rows that shape it, to the bind off edge. There are lots of cables that don’t line up with each other, and lace to balance it out. It was super fun to knit. The hank from Jenn is a wonderfully generous 600 yards of fingering weight goodness, and I used up almost every bit of it knitting this sample. The pattern comes with all the math done for three more sizes, so you don’t have to make it this big, if you don’t want to.

There it goes again. It’s chastising me because it is nameless!




Here’s where you come in. Since I have been incapable of naming this design myself, you get to help! Come up with a wonderful name for this purple cable-and-lace crescent, and tell me why you think it should have that name (yes, the reason is important). To enter, be sure to leave a comment to this post with all your good information by midnight Pacific time, on Sunday, September 15, 2013. One lucky person will win a free copy of this pattern.

Naming contest runs now through the end of the weekend. I need to choose a name on Monday, so I can get this pattern off to the printer with everything else. Winner will be notified by email. If the winner is on Ravelry, I’ll put the pattern in her Ravelry library. If not, I’ll just email it out.

ETA: I got a lovely note from Jenn when she heard about this little naming contest. She’s going to sweeten the pot. The person with winning entry will not only get a copy of the pattern, but she’ll also get a hank of the beautiful Sheepwalk yarn in Charlemagne! Thank you, Jenn. You are awesome.