Name the green crescent

First off, pardon my dust. At least for a bit here, hopefully mostly today, the look of my blog will change periodically—either by drips and drabs or a lot at a go. The theme I had been using, which I’d labored over last summer to make look just so, updated—irrevocably reverting a large percentage of my changes to what the theme designer wanted, not what I wanted. So, I’m starting over with a brand new theme base. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Now for the good stuff…

Back in January I designed and knit up this bright green crescent with Aran weight Shanghai yarn from Teresa Ruch Designs and US 8 needles. I came up with the concept before going to visit my mother, took the yarn and needles along, and knit the whole thing in the evenings after dinner at her house in less than a week. Getting the time to get the pattern ready to be tech edited took longer than that. Getting around to blocking it even longer. I finally got it all done though, and have had it back from my TE for a while now. I finally took photos of it today.


Since I knit this lovely green crescent in January I’ve been wondering what to call it. It has both cables and lace in it, which I love. It has some lovely semi-circular things going on, columns from the cables, points from the lace, and plenty of garter stitch to balance it all out and shape it into a crescent. I’ve been wondering and wondering, thinking and pondering, and have absolutely no ideas whatsoever. I need a name for the pattern before I can release it.


This is where you come in. Leave a comment to this post with your idea (or ideas, if you have more than one), along with the reason you think this is the perfect name for this crescent. The reason is just as important to me as the name, so don’t leave that out.

The winning entry will receive a free copy of the pattern when it’s released. If you win, and you’re on Ravelry, let me know your Ravelry name so I can drop the pattern in your library. I will release the pattern as soon as I get a good name for it.

Naming contest runs from now through midnight Saturday, March 15, 2014.

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