Morning Glory


I know you’ve heard this from me before, but morning glories are one of my all-time favorite flowers (along with almost everything else that blooms). When I was a kid we had a scattering of them out in our field, wild they were, and growing with abandon. Their small white blossoms so pure and simple. Many years later, when I moved to southern California, my breath caught in my throat the first time I saw the giant blue morning glories draping over rooftops, cascading over porches, and growing wild against chain-link fences along the side of the road. When I first saw it I fell head over heels with the morning glory knitting stitch. When knit flat it’s a complicated affair with yarn overs and both left- and right-leaning decreases on the wrong side rows, as well as on the front. This just wouldn’t do. I had to find a way to simplify the stitch without losing any of its beauty, so that more people could successfully knit it. The answer was plain: knit it in the round.

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Both patterns, Moonvine and Sunspots, are knit with the morning glory pattern stitch. The needle size is the thing that changes, and gives both designs their own special something.

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