Want to interview me for your blog or podcast? Ask me. I'd love to talk to you. These are the interviews I've done up until now, basically in reverse chronological order.
I was video taped (is it still called that when film isn't used?) a few years back. My interviewer was a childhood friend, and the videographer was her husband. We had a fabulous day. This is the result.
The models shown in the video, starting with the still you see before running it, are listed in order of appearance. Unfortunately, most of them show the wrong side of the fabric. Oops! Well, my mom always preferred the back of the shawl, so I guess that's okay.
  • Hesperia—Blue lace with nupps
  • In the Spring Rain—Actively knitting, pale green lace with beads
  • Thornbury—Teal green lace
  • Evening—Purple blue lace with beads
  • Ionic—Blue tank top
  • Anthea—Dark khaki green cardigan with bobble and lace trim, and black buttons
  • Domus Aurea—Gold shawl on dress form in background
  • Birdsfoot Fern—Green lace trimmed crescent
  • Lazy River—Bright blue lace and twisted stitch cowl
  • In the Woods—Dark green lace shawl laid out on table
  • Sevilla—Light blue lace
  • Midnight Garden—Dark green triangle (in the original yarn, before I reknit it with Malabrigo)
  • Ione—Soft lavender crescent
  • Evening (again, but more clearly)—Purple blue beaded lace
  • Dancing Shoes—Red beaded crescent
  • Domus Aurea (again, but more clearly)—Gold rectangle
  • Anjou—Pale green trapezoid, I’m leaning against it