In the wild

Ten days ago my friend Patty Nance (PattyKnits on Ravelry), author of the fabulous Bargello Knits, Patty's photo -my patterns - shop 2pinged me over on Facebook. She and her husband were out and about, traveling here and there on their bright yellow motorcycle with matching trailer, and she saw a number of my patterns for sale in a yarn shop. She took a picture, and kindly sent it to me. The shop is Coastal Yarns in Cannon Beach, Oregon. The yarn shop owner said that my patterns do well there. Hooray! I’m always happy to hear when my patterns are a) seen somewhere, b) selling well for a shop! When both happen at the same time, it’s even better. Thanks for telling me about this, Patty, and for allowing me to post the picture you took here. Thanks also go to the owner of that shop, which looks like a little knitting gem by the sea, for letting Patty take the picture, share it with me.

Last summer Dave and I sold our house in southern California, and moved up to the glorious evergreen State of Washington. After the house had been staged, but before it sold, a very dear old friend of mine from early grammar school, Denise, came over to spend the day. Oh, and she brought along her husband, Jim, videographer extraordinaire. Actually, shooting the video was the point of the day, but it felt more like play. It was so fun to be able to spend the entire day together, something we hadn’t done in… decades a very long time. Anyway, Jim spent basically the entire day filming me, while I answered the questions that Denise asked about me, knitting, design, and life. Jim’s a genius. He pulled the best parts, added music, combined all that with stills of a number of my designs that he took later, put it all together and made a four-minute video out of it. Watch it. It’s only four minutes! It’ll go by fast. Honest.