I miss my mind

My brain feels like it’s spinning out of control. Ideas are pouring in faster than I can knit. Such an array of yarn arrived on my doorstep last week that I can’t sort it out. It’s all wonderful. Twenty balls of yarn, each different from its brothers, each a different blend of yarns, all that contain at least some alpaca. I’ve been swatching. Some balls are more wonderful than others. One swatch has already turned into the beginnings of a light and airy scarf, yet others are pulling me into thoughts of cozy winter sweaters. The weather warms as we approach summer, and I find myself once again wanting to knit something thick and warm and heavy, something to really cuddle up in. I think I must be mad. Why does this happen to me every year when other knitters start reaching for the fine lace weights, or give up knitting altogether until the fall?

Here are the small swatch that I used as a proof of concept, and a truly horrible photo of the beginnings of the actual scarf. It has cables and faggoting, and is truly and completely reversible. There is no wrong side, so it will make a perfect gift for anyone on your list who invariably wears your hard work wrong-side out.

I’m still working on the neckline layout for the fun little top I knit with the lovely Sonoma from Baah Yarn, the one of the right. It’s more complicated than it looks, since the stitch count changes on every single row. It was much easier to knit than it is to describe.

The little cropped number on the left got itself finished, blocked, and its ends woven in within the last few days. It’s a little too small for Nicole. When I get the other sweater off of Rose, I’ll put this cropped green one on her. The green yarn will show off better on Rose’s lighter covering, and it will fit her better. This sweater is knit with yarn given to me by Teresa Ruch Designs. It’s a light fingering weight yarn, hand dyed, Tencel 5/2 held double. I tried knitting it up with just one strand of yarn, in the usual way, but didn’t like the results.

Heading back to the chalk mines… if I can figure out where I was before I diverted myself by writing this post. Gads.

Of all the things I’ve lost, I miss my mind the most.
Mark Twain