This was my first sock design. I had this pretty yarn in forget-me-not blue, and so the stitch had to be flowers. Originally the flowers were going to be more complicated, but (true to fashion) I couldn’t follow my own pattern. I decided I liked the abbreviated flowers, and so went with that instead of frogging what I’d already done.

These lacy summer socks have almost no purl stitches, making them easy to make.

Pattern is available in English and Dutch.

*This is my very first pattern. As such, I've offered it for free for many years. You can still download it for free, I've no plans to change that. However, if you enjoy the pattern, and wish to reimburse me for my efforts, you may pay what you will.

Pattern details
  • Yarn: Fingering weight sock yarn.
  • Model: Crystal Palace Panda Cotton in Periwinkle.
  • Gauge: 8 stitches per inch.
  • Needles: US 0 (2 mm) double pointed needles.
  • Finished size: women's medium.
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Deze luchtige zomersokjes worden haast zonder averecht breien gemaakt, tenminste de helft van de steken van elke toer is recht, dus ze zijn zo gebreid.
  • Garen: sokkenwol
  • Voorbeeld is: gebreid met 2 bolletjes Panda Cotton in de kleur Periwinkle.
  • Naalden: 2 mm (US 0) of de maat die nodig is om de juiste stekenverhouding te krijgen
  • Stekenverhouding: 8 st op 2.5 cm in tricotsteek in het rond.
  • Maat: 38/39 dames.
  • En verder: een restje wol/katoen van een andere kleur. Haaknaald om de opzetketting te haken en als je wilt, steekmarkeerders