Fashion forward

The other day I was introduced to a totally cool online tool with the potential to be a deep.dark.blackhole.for.time: Polyvore. Have you been out there yet? Have you wondered how people make those cool outfits and things that you see on Pinterest? Well, the answer to both questions is Polyvore.

I couldn’t sleep last night. For whatever reason. It was one of those things. I feel asleep reading. At least twice. Finally roused myself enough to put away my book, turn out the light. I rolled over, cuddled in with kitty and hubby, who were both fast asleep, and whammo! Wide awake. So unfair. I laid there for a while, hoping, trying different positions. No dice. Sigh. When I got up I wandered into my office, and logged into Polyvore.

This is Lalique, as modeled by the dyer, Gryphon, currently of The Verdant Gryphon. As of this writing, nearly 80 knitters on Ravelry have made Lalique. In their project pictures I’ve seen them wear the sweater with all sorts of outfits, everything from jeans and t-shirts to full-length dresses, and they all look great.


Before I could do anything, I had to remove Gryphon (sorry!) and the background from the picture of Lalique, and upload it to Polyvore. That done, the playing began.


(That little brown smudge near the top is her hair where it hung down over the sweater.)

For the first outfit, I found a classic little black dress, and accessorized it with Lalique, a simple amethyst pendant and earrings, a purple bag, and lavender pumps. Oooh, très chic!

Lalique outfit 1

Still not remotely tired, I thought I’d try a couple other things. I couldn’t find any pants that I liked, so I went for another skirt, this time a swingy little floral number with a contrasting belt, a fabulous off-the-shoulder black top, gold-tone drop earrings and bangles, a black clutch, and purple flats. Fun!


By now I’m getting tired of looking at accessories, so found a simple denim skirt and black lace top. I think they work just fine with the previous accessory set, don’t you?


Finally tired enough to (hopefully) actually get some sleep, I saved what I’d done, and went to bed. This time I think I was asleep about as soon as my head touched the pillow.