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A number of years ago my wonderful husband wrote this fabric calculator for me, as I also love to do counted cross-stitch (if only I still had the time!). This calculator originally lived on my other site, Laura’s Books—a site that is long since gone—then it lived on a different page on Fiber Dreams, and now it is here. I hope you find it useful.


  • Pattern information: All fields here are optional. They could be especially useful if you plan on printing this page.
    Thread count: Number of threads per inch of evenweave fabric, or number of blocks per inch of Aida fabric.
    Framing allowance: Blank, unstitched fabric between the edge of the design and the outer edge of the fabric.

    This calculator works with Firefox and Internet Explorer, as well as with the iPhone. I haven’t been able to test compatibility with other browsers or devices.

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    Evenweave    Aida

    One    Two threads

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  • Note: This calculator always rounds up to the next one-quarter inch. Therefore, if your design is 15.1 inches wide, this calculator will say it’s 15.25 inches.

    Apologies for the calculator using only inches. To convert from centimeters to inches multiply the cm by .394 to get inches. To convert from inches to centimeters multiply the inches by 2.54 to get cm.

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