Summer's Lease

Dog Days of Summer


During ancient times when Rome was the center of western civilization, man often looked to the stars to try to explain the world around him. Early astronomers noticed that Sirius, the Dog Star, the brightest star visible from Earth, and found in the constellation Canis Major, was high in the sky during the hottest days of the summer, which fell from early July through mid August. This time of year was referred to as the Dog Days of Summer.

In searching the Internet for more information on the Dog Days, I found this volume, digitized by Google: The Months of the Year; or, Conversations on the Calendar. A compendium of biography, history, and chronology, explaining the many remarkable events recorded in the Almanack. London. Printed for J. Hatchard & Son, Piccadilly. 1824. On page 171: “Charles. Then it is not the dog-star which creates so many more disorders at this period than at others? Mr. Constance. No, it is not ; the increased heat of the sun upon us is the cause ; and, during the months of July and August, the weather is sometimes so sultry as to occasion, as well as to increase sickness. It used formerly to be considered that on the morning, at the rising of the star, the sea boiled, wine turned sour, dogs began to grow mad, the bile was increased and irritated, and all animals grew languid…”

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The sweaters in this collection, Crocosmia, Summer's Lease, and Summer Squall, will do their best to help you feel cool and comfortable, even during the dog days of summer. Each sweater can be worn alone with skirt, pants, or shorts, or when the weather is tamer, can be worn over a blouse, tank top, or chemise.

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