Busy, busy, busy

If you want moonvine-2013-08-21a-blank-800to know when I sleep, the short answer is, “I don’t.” That’s obviously not completely true, but it sure feels like it sometimes. I released a cowl pattern last week, Moonvine. The matching mitts, Sunspots, are with my TE for a final (I hope) edit. There’s a purple crescent waiting in the wings. Everything is done on that one except for to-market-too-2013-09-06hthe pictures and naming it. I’m seriously considering running a naming contest for the purple crescent. Probably will, since I have no name ideas for that one at all. Sad. As with all naming contests I’ve ever run, I’ll give a PDF of the pattern to the person who suggests the name I choose. I’ve also re-worked and re-knit a five-year old free pattern, To Market. Now To Market will have three sizes. It’s also with my TE. Well, the other TE I work with. There are three other patterns that will get updated before long. I’ve been working on those in the dead of night, too. Two of them will be knit up by my sample knitter. I know! I’ve never used a sample knitter before, but I’m just too busy to re-knit old designs, so I’ve hired her. She actually lives nearby, and so it was fun getting to meet her the other day, hand off the patterns and yarn she’s to use.

Then there’s Cecily.

Cecily is a rectangular shawl that I released this afternoon. So far she’s only available on Ravelry. Distribution will grow as other venues pick her up. Cecily was designed with the lovely Yasmin yarn from Miss Babs in Coral. Then there’s this: from now through the end of the day on Monday, September 9, 2013, Cecily is on sale. Get the PDF through Ravelry and save 13%!





(When do I sleep? Heh.)