Blocking wires

Our no-frills blocking wire sets are perfect for blocking your lace and worsted weight knitting and crochet projects[1]. Each set contains twelve stainless steel blocking wires, also known as dressing wires or blocking pins. Each wire is 3 feet long[2], and has nice smooth ends that won’t snag your knits. There are no flat areas near the end of the wires, either. Each wire is long and smooth, and will treat your knits with the care they deserve. Sets come packaged in an attractive, ½-inch acrylic storage tube, with a beautiful frosted finish. Our tubes and wires are custom made in the United States to our specifications. We sand both ends of every tube before filling it with wire, so that it is smooth, beautiful, and nick-free.

The sets

  • Lace weight sets. Our lace blocking wire sets are especially good for blocking your lace and other light weight knitting and crochet projects. These sets come in tubes with blue printing.
  • Worsted weight sets. Our worsted weight sets have thicker stainless steel wires that stand up to the rigors of blocking heavier sweaters and shawls. These sets come in tubes with green printing.
  • Mixed sets. Don't know which weight wires you'll need from one project to the next? Our mixed weight sets are what you need. They have the exact same wires as the lace and sweater sets. In fact, they have six of each weight wire. These sets come in tubes with dark purple printing.

Buy our blocking wire sets at your LYS

Our blocking wire sets are available at yarn shops throughout the U.S. and Canada, as well as in select stores in Iceland and Japan.


Wires need to be wiped with a soft cloth prior to first use to remove the minimal manufacturing residue.


Here's a mini tutorial on using wires to help block shawls and sweaters.

Own a yarn shop, and want to carry our wire sets?

If you own a yarn shop, please contact a supplier based on your location:

[1]This is not a toy.
[2]Nominal length; actual length of individual wires may vary.