While working on the rectangular shawl, Domus Aurea, I thought that the stitch would look lovely worked up as a triangular one as well. The model shows how the shawl looks with contrasting beads—beads that match the yarn would give an even more subtle effect. Nupps could be knit instead of the beads, or those stitches could be simply knit, if a simpler shawl is desired. The name was suggested by a dear friend who loves her coffee drinks. The yarn color I used reminded her of her favorite coffee with lots of creamy foam in it, so she suggested Antigua, one of the world's coffee producing islands.

Shawl starts at the bottom by casting on a silly number of stitches. Once you can get past the first few rows, it becomes much easier. The rows get noticeably shorter quite quickly, especially after the half way point, and as you approach the top and are starting to yearn for something new the rows are so short they almost knit themselves, giving a bit more encouragement to just get it done. Almost every right side row ends with four fewer stitches than the one before until you reach the top, and graft the remaining few stitches together.

Love the stitches in Antigua, but you think you'd prefer to make a rectangular shawl? Then be sure to check out Domus Aurea.

Pattern details

  • Yarn: Lace weight; 200 [360, 575, 825] yards.
  • Model: Skacel Collection Merino Lace in Dark Taupe in largest size; 100% merino wool; 1375 yards in 100 grams.
  • Gauge: 18 sts to 4 inches.
  • Needles: US 4 (3.5 mm).
  • Needles: US 13 (.85 mm), or size that fits through the hole in your beads.
  • Beads: 396 [492, 588, 684] 8/0 seed beads.
  • Finished size: 40 x 20 [54 x 27, 68 x 34, 82 x 41] inches.
  • Stitch instructions: Charted only.

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