Antares part two

I don’t know if you’ve been over to the Twist Collective blog lately, but on Monday this week they featured Antares, my first Twist Collective pattern! Antares showed up in the Spring 2015 collection, along with a stunning selection of designs from some fabulous designers. The whole team at Twist Collective was so awesome to work with, before, during, and after publication. Really. Dreamy. In fact, so dreamy that I sent in a little idea I had for the winter collection, and Kate accepted it! I’m waiting (im)patiently for yarn to arrive, so I can start knitting.

Anyway, when we were talking about what I could do for a blog post on Twist’s blog, I did a little fashion thing-y, showing five different possible outfits that I think would look great when worn with Antares. Here they are:

Antares outfits

I’m pretty sure I was going to share something else… Wait! I know what it was. In addition to the interview, there’s also a call out, and a nice little link for the Summer Antares KAL—here’s the linky—that I’m running over in Twist’s forum on Ravelry. Would love to have you join in. There are only a few knitters so far, but you know. It’s summer. It’s nice out. No one’s at their computer! LOL Actually, that’s perfect. Wherever you go, Antares would be a great take-along project. The beginning especially all but knits itself. Don’t let the size of the model turn you off. If you want something quick instead, Antares is still there for you. I made the largest of the three sizes in the pattern. You could make the smallest one, and be done almost as soon as you start. Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge.

Ooh. I just got email from Cynthia at Twist Collective. My winter-project yarn should be here on Saturday. Squee!