A brand new blog

Back on June 14 I announced in my old blog that we were going to upgrade my blogging software from WordPress v.really-really-really-old, to WordPress v.whatever-is-current. As most things, this has taken considerably more time that anticipated. Ha ha ha ha. Actually installing the new version of WP onto the server was, according to my webmaster/husband, amazingly simple. It’s the rest of it that’s been a tad more complicated. See, I still really like the basic look of the old blog, and wanted to keep it. Finding an existing theme that I could easily beat into submission was where the complications set in. I finally found one, though, and here it is. Well, at least it’s mostly there. I’m way behind on adding designs to the gallery, and I’m sure some more tweaky things will need to be fixed. I found one tonight, and mostly fixed it. Mostly. Anyway, if you want to follow me, make sure you point your feed reader to the new feed.

Since I don’t get any knitting done if I’m at the computer all the time, this whole moving-the-blog thing took longer than it might have. I sometimes had to force myself away from the computer and the trials and tribulations of CSS, but I did manage to get a couple of things designed, written up, and off to be tech edited in that amount of time. I also managed to release two new patterns, Chokecherry Days (left), and Gwendolen (right).



I started a campaign to try to breath some new life into a selection of old patterns by re-working the charts in my current format (Illustrator instead of Excel), updating the verbiage a bit to also bring it in line with my current style, and by re-knitting the pieces in new yarns. First up is a pattern that’s currently free: To Market. To Market is a string bag, or market bag, that I originally knit out of two hanks of linen from very different dye lots. You can see the color change there about half way up. Awful, isn’t it? When I saw Claudia over at Claudia Hand Painted Yarns about my little project a couple months ago, she got all excited, and picked out three luscious, bright, fun colors of her fabulous Linen sport weight yarn to re-make the bag in. As you can see, one of the colors is a brilliant orange. The other one, the blue one, is also quite bright. It’s color is most accurate in the photo on the left.



The blue bag took about half a hank of Claudia’s linen, while the orange one took most of one hank. I’ve started the third one, a pretty green, and that’ll be larger still, and will get into a second hank of yarn. When I’m done I’ll have the pattern tech edited, get better pictures of all three bags, do the whole thing up right, and convert this pattern into a for-sale pattern. That’s right. When I’m done it won’t be free any longer. If that’s important to you, make sure you download it sooner rather than later.


Most of my life I’ve been a thwarted gardener. Though I’ve occasionally had lush container gardens, they’ve never lasted all that long (well, with the exception of a plant here and there that has lived practically forever—my oldest plant right now is a philodendron that I’ve had since the early 80s). When I was young I always lived in apartments, and when I was older, until recently, I lived places that were just as impermanent as the apartment dwelling I’d done, or had such harsh environments that gardening was… challenging (let’s just be nice, and leave it at that, shall we?). Now I live in a gorgeous state, where plants rarely suffer from lack of water (unless it’s my fault). I’ve been having a lot of fun, getting back into it easily, as time allows, mostly again in pots, as that’s what I know best. My freesias were the last flowers to give a stunning display. Aren’t they fabulous? I wish I could share their delicious aroma with you. Incredible. I got a mix, so the colors were all a surprise. There were a few yellow ones, too, but they bloomed a bit later. I planted some nasturtium seeds a bit late, so they’re just starting to bloom. I’ll get a photo of them soon.

I’m going to need to be a bit careful with what I plant where, but for radically different reasons than before. You see, we live in deer country now, and they do like to nibble on a lot of things that people often don’t want them nibbling on. Dave and I were watching TV the other day, and I saw a motion out of the side of my eye, movement where it wasn’t supposed to be. Turns out this sweet doe was walking by, not ten feet from the house. I grabbed my cell phone (wished that I had a real camera at hand), and quietly dashed to the closest window with an unobstructed view. She looked right at me, did so for a good minute or so, then turned and walked nonchalantly away, toward the safety of the trees.


A quick jump back to knitting, so I can show you this. New lace. Brilliant lace weight yarn courtesy of Miss Babs. Pattern pending.